XOLAIR® (Omalizumab) is an immunosuppressive drug used to treat moderate to severe persistent allergic asthma not controlled by inhaled corticosteroids and chronic idiopathic urticaria not controlled by H1 antihistamines.

XOLAIR® is manufactured by Genentech/Novartis.

Administration and Dosage:

Administration of XOLAIR is a subcutaneous injection every 2 or 4 weeks.


XOLAIR® is indicated to treat:

  • Moderate to Severe Persistent Allergic Asthma
  • Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Common Side Effects:

The more common side effects of XOLAIR® include cancer, inflammation of blood vessels, parasite infection, heart and circulation problems, and fever, muscle aches, and rash.

More information:

Please read the full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide for XOLAIR® and discuss any questions you have with your doctor.


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